InMotion Needs Your Help with the PATH Initiative!

InMotion Community, we are excited and proud to introduce The PATH Initiative!

InMotion founders Karen Jaffe & Ben Rossi recently attended the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) and spent the greater portion of their time spreading the word about InMotion. They fielded lots of questions about how exactly InMotion was formed. They had a lot to share!

Clients of InMotion, have the opportunity to experience the benefits of community exercise programming at the highest level. All patients diagnosed with Movement Disorders should have similar programs available. The all new PATH – ProActive Therapies (rehab, fitness, wellness) Initiative for Persons with Parkinson’s can make this a reality.

What is The PATH Initiative?

InMotion has been working with a group of Parkinson’s advocates from around the country, helping to develop strategies that address the need for community based organizations (CBO) such as our InMotion center in other communities. In order to make this possible, the healthcare system must embrace a sustainable model for evaluation and treatment of those diagnosed with PD. The PD diagnosis and treatment system must move from a “wait and see” model to a Proactive “fix it before its broke” model. Of course, many will need to be convinced but it is a paradigm change that is long over due.

Recognizing the need for early widespread support from both the patient communities as well as the medical and allied healthcare providers, this group of advocates create a Belief Statement titled The Need for Ongoing, Sustainable, Community Rehabilitation, Exercise and Wellness Programming for People with Parkinson’s Disease. The PATH acronym stands for ProActive Therapies which in its entirety defines a global strategy to bring forth a paradigm change in Parkinson’s care.

As we begin to assemble a PATH team of key neurologists, allied healthcare providers and researchers from across the country, we want to give the Parkinson’s community at large an opportunity to share their thoughts and self-advocate. The web-based PATH petition will allow multiple voices join together for this cause. The petition is a tool that will help to demonstrate the demand and need for services from the people and families who need them in cities large and small. It goes without saying that the more PD clients, carpartners, family members, and other advocates we have participate, the more leverage the PATH team will have to affect change.

The goal of the PATH team is to identify and partner with a national program to mount this campaign; To this end, the WPC was a great place to introduce the PATH initiative to several leaders in the field of PD exercise research/programming, ready to begin the process of creating a unified and working voice around community programming needs and issues.

Join with InMotion!

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