Parkinsons Creative Collective is Offering a Free E-Book to Help You Learn More About PD!

InMotion is proud to help offer an opportunity to learn more about living with PD. 

Now, you can download a FREE e-book: The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease

Do you wonder how others deal with living with Parkinson disease? Do you have questions you forget to ask people with Parkinsons? Would you like to meet people with PD without leaving the comfort of your home?

The non-profit Parkinsons Creative Collective has compiled a collection of experiences of people living with PD, The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease. Filled with words and images, it invites you to read more as it provides information in its unique and colorful design.

Now you can download a FREE, digital (PDF) version of the full 320 page book,The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease. Here’s how to get your copy :
1. Go to
2. Click on “How to Get the book” in the menu bar
3. Click on “Download the e-book” in the pull down menu
4. Click the “Download” button
5. Open and save the file

The Parkinsons Creative Collective gave free e-books to everyone who attended the World Parkinsons Congress in Portland in September 2016. Many people say the book helps family and friends understand PD. If you agree, please urge them to visit to download their own free copy.

For many reasons, PCC is planning to end its operations in the near future and is seeking a good home or homes for its assets, including the book. If your non-profit PD organization is interested, PCC has issued an RFP with responses due October 1, 2017.

Continue reading and learn about the proposal request and how you can become a part of our project. 

Request for Proposal

Parkinson Creative Collective, Inc.

July 5, 2017

A. Background: The Parkinson Creative Collective (PCC), is a 501 c (3) non profit organization. PCC was established to create a patient-focused book about Parkinson disease. Now, having accomplished its major project—the publication and dissemination of The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease (the book)— the Board of Directors of PCC is planning to dissolve its corporate entity. It wishes to transfer its assets to a 501c (3) organization or organizations that will use these assets to continue the mission of PCC. We invite you to respond to this RFP if you would like to be considered as a recipient of these assets.

B. PCC’s Mission: PCC was organized for several purposes: to educate the public about Parkinson disease (PD); to improve the perception of PD; and to improve the quality of life for people with PD. PCC wants to make the world of PD better for people with PD through creative advocacy. The international scope of PCC is an important aspect of its mission.

C. History: PCC produced, wrote, published and distributed the print and e-book, The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease. As an all-volunteer organization, authors, artists, and editors donated their time and talent. Grant funds covered initial costs. PCC paid for services in the printing, warehousing, shipping and handling of books sold through its website and on To date, 4,000 books have been sold or donated to support group leaders and PD organizations. Also, the e-book version is available free of charge to all through a free download on the PCC website.

D. PCC’s Assets:
1. Print book, The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease: approximately 800 copies remain at a warehouse, which performs storage, shipping and handling services.

2. e-book, The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease: hosted on PCC’s website, available for free download.

3. The copyright for the book

4. Goodwill and reputation that the unique book has garnered

5. Funds: up to $25,000. PCC reserves the right to determine the exact amount based on the proposal(s) received. (In your proposal, please explain how the funds would be used.)

E. Request for Proposal Response: Any PD-related, 501 c (3) organization based in the United States that is interested in responding should write an email proposal of no more than five pages stating how it would use a portion or all of PCC’s assets to continue PCC’s mission. The proposal should include the approval of the submitting organization’s governing body.
After all proposals have been reviewed by PCC, PCC will advise applicants of the status of their proposal. PCC is not obligated to accept any proposal and reserves the right to reject any or all.

Questions and all submissions should be sent to: Parkinson Creative Collective, Katherine Huseman, President, at [email protected]

Also, if you would like to receive updates or answers to others’ questions, please sign up for the PCC RFP Q & A List at that same email address.

Proposals are due October 1, 2017

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Nancy McCann