2017 – A great year of “friend-raising” and fundraising for InMotion by Nancy McCann

2017 saw InMotion client numbers grow each month as we welcomed new clients and friends. Did you know that InMotion is now serving over 1,000 clients and carepartners, at no cost to them, in a warm, inviting space filled with a community of loving, kind-hearted people?

Today we celebrate our successes for 2017 and goals for 2018, celebrating not only our growth and flexibility, but also in the advancement of our programming and strategic vision for 2018.

Let me get started with a recap of fundraising in 2017. As you can see from the chart to the left, much of our funding is now coming from individuals, which is exactly as it should be for a 3 year old organization. During an initial start-up phase of a charity, the first year or two (and for us – some in year 3!) is primarily supported by grants from foundations and organizations that want to ensure the charity has a fighting chance for success. We can’t thank them enough for believing in InMotion and showing their support – The Char and Chuck Fowler Foundation, The Cleveland Foundation, Krieger Fund of The Cleveland Foundation, Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation, National Parkinson’s Foundation of Ohio, O’Neill Foundation, Paintstone Foundation, Parkinson’s Pals, the Lauretta K. Peters and Richard R. Peters Foundation, and Shaking With Laughter.

In 2017 the shift to more individuals supporting InMotion came either through having their own event or by donating to InMotion. Special appeals, like the Tulip Tribute Appeal, which remembered and honored those we love during the month of April, Parkinson’s Awareness Month. The Drumming Class   Appeal was created by the many drummers in our audience who felt that this program is beneficial and wanted it to stay at InMotion by raising the necessary funds. “What’s Cooking Girlfriend” was a collaboration between Karen Hess and Trish Adler, friends that brought together friends to spend a special evening together – eating, drinking, cooking, shopping/donating and learning about InMotion. Jim Priebe, a friend of David Riley’s, who felt that he was at a point in his Parkinson’s disease that he should retire from his musical   career, held a farewell performance with his friend, Paul Muskin, to raise funds for InMotion. (Though now Jim’s friends have asked him for an encore performance, which will be held on April 29, 2018 at Arturo’s Bar & Grille in North Olmsted, Ohio).

And what about Pals In Motion – our first walk/race? What a success its first year out of the gate – over $200,000 raised   and 1,542 registrations! Wow! This was truly a collaboration between InMotion and Parkinson’s Pals, and everyone worked together to make it a success! Our two groups came together for one goal – to help with the fight against Parkinson’s, which also helped to create a stronger InMotion for everyone. 

And can we forget the annual fund match this year? Anonymous donors pledged $200,000 if we could raise a matching $200,000 and we met the challenge and succeeded it by raising an additional $50,000! Thanks to all of you! Our budget for 2017 was @ $850,000 and we raised, in gifts and pledges, @ $933,000. Our budget for 2018 is @ $900,000, so we need to raise $900,000+.


One of my goals this year is to thank everyone who has made a gift to InMotion – either through an annual fund report or perhaps a larger newsletter that will list all of our donors to date. (If you have a preference for how your name is listed, please let me know!) Another goal is to hang the new “Circle of Friends” donor wall behind the receptionist area, which will celebrate our friends who make a monthly gift to InMotion. And my third goal is to establish the Legacy Society, where individuals can create their own legacy by remembering InMotion after their lifetimes.

As you can see, it has been a great year of “friend-raising” and fundraising for InMotion, and both the staff and Board feel certain that this trend will continue and we will be able to help more of our families and friends. Thanks so much for making this year so very special – we can’t wait for 2018! 

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Jonathan Levey