COVID-19 Updates

Dear Clients:

During these extraordinary times, we hope you are staying safe by being mindful of your health and taking appropriate steps to limit social contact as much as possible.

During the time InMotion is closed, we want to make sure you have the tools and resources you need to continue to feel better every day. To help you keep exercising, Ben and the coaches have created a series of videos to keep you in motion. First off, you’ll do a mindfulness session with Char and then launch into Better Every Day™. Also, below is a link to a fun boxing segment with Sandy and a Tai Chi warm up with Ed. We’ll keep adding more videos as we can. You may access the videos using the following links:


PDF Orange/Blue

Mindful Movement Orange/Blue


PDF Yellow/Green

Yellow/Green w/ Faith & Janet

Boxing with Sandy

Tai Chi Basic Warm Up

Tai Chi Live Stream

Meditation w/ Ed 

Singing Warm ups

Singing 1


Drumming 2


Hiking with Faith

Mindful Movement with YogaReach

Movin’ with Brain Teasers

Very Important Carepartners with Heidi

COVID-19 Information from Dr. David Riley: What I Tell My Patients

Dr. Riley’s COVID-19 and Parkinson’s Talk

June 1st – Ask The Doctor: Dr. Jori Fleisher   | Powerpoint

July 7th – Ask The Doctor: Dr. Ben Walter | “Advanced Therapies for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, from DBS to Focused Ultrasound: the Cleveland Clinic Experience”


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By clicking any InMotion video link, I understand and agree that:

  • My participation in, the physical fitness and/or wellness programs (“Programs”) administered by InMotion, its employees, and/or its independent contractors (collectively, “InMotion”) via videos is voluntary and may involve potential risk of injury;
  • To avoid potential risk of injury, an examination by a physician should be obtained before beginning a physical fitness and/or wellness program, or before initiating a change in the amount of physical or other exercise performed; and
  • Regardless of whether I have chosen to be examined by a physician before participating in any of the Programs:
    • I accept and assume full responsibility for my own safety and well-being in my participation in the Programs and for any injuries, damages, and losses of any type that may be sustained by me as a result of my participation in the Programs; and
    • InMotion shall not be liable for, and I hereby release InMotion from, any claims, damages, or losses resulting from or arising out of my participation in the Programs.