Blankets & Branches Fundraiser

Back by popular demand: our Blanket Fundraiser 2.0 – with a new twist!

We’re calling this new campaign “Blankets & Branches”, and our goal is to raise funds to offset the cost of soundproofing materials installed in the two BED™ rooms and the Healing Arts room at our center in Beachwood. Beginning November 1, 2021, we are offering premiums for donations made to InMotion*:

  • For every donation of $125 or more, donors may select a handmade adult-size blanket
  • For every donation of $100, or more, donors may select a baby blanket
  • For every donation of $75 or more, donors may select a handmade walking stick
  • For donations of $50 or more, donors may select a handmade felted wool hat

*Only one gift per minimum donation. Quantities are limited.

The handmade blankets were created by our talented “Blanket Babes” knitting volunteers, and are offered in both adult and baby sizes. The walking sticks were handcrafted by InMotion client John Merchant.

To make your donation in support of the Blankets & Branches fundraiser, please use the donation form at the bottom of this page (you can view the gallery below and enter the number of the blanket you would like in the comment section of the form). Please then call Kari at 216-342-5783 to arrange for pickup of your gift (unfortunately, we cannot ship). You may also call Kari or Wendy at 216-342-4417 to make your donation. 

Click the album name below to view the gallery of our remaining blankets:

Donations to support the yarn fund are still needed!
Any donations made to help us purchase yarn are effectively tripled – a $35 donation helps us buy yarn for one adult blanket, which in turn rewards donors who make a $125 donation. Please contact Kari for more information, and to make your gift to purchase yarn. We currently need $1750 in yarn donations to help us reach our goal. Donations for yarn are not eligible for the blanket or branches premium gifts. Thank you!

Read About our Blankets & Branches Donors