A New Definition of Parkinson’s Disease

Although the issue has not gained many headlines, a great deal of energy is being expended by movement disorders neurologists to develop a new way of thinking about Parkinson’s disease. This effort has been prompted by two major trends: a growing recognition that traditional definitions are inadequate, and an assortment of new scientific discoveries that compel us to broaden our understanding of what exactly constitutes Parkinson’s disease.

To neurologists, the classic definition of Parkinson’s disease in patients consists of a combination of clinical (i.e., ...

New Center Brings Hope

Delighted to share this terrific story (Today’s Family Magazine, April 29, 2015) on InMotion’s evolution and the hope we afford people with Parkinsons.

“A 67-year-old retired registered nurse with an extensive background in research, Maria suddenly found herself in the role of patient, with the haunting three words “incurable, progressive, and debilitating” looming over a future she had envisioned with her husband, Gene, their family, and grandchildren. 

“Those are big words,” Maria said. ...