Art Programs for Parkinson’s

InMotion founder Alan Goldberg at the easel

InMotion founder Alan Goldberg at the easel. Photo credit: Sun News

InMotion has developed an art workshop to help clients manage the symptoms of movement disorders and enjoy the many benefits of artistic expression.

Open to both clients and carepartners, community members will gather together to share stories and learn from one another. Multiple fine art media will be introduced, including oil pastels, watercolors, soft pastels, and acrylic paint. Participants will be encouraged to create work of their own inspiration and all will work to complete a piece by the end of each class meeting.

Join us at our Art Workshop every Tuesday starting at 3:15 pm.

Upcoming Classes & Programs:

Class sizes are limited, so it is important that you register in advance. Registering also provides us with your contact information should we need to notify you of any changes in scheduling. Click here for a current listing of programs/classes and to register.