The Faces of InMotion

The founders, board of directors, staff, and partners – who include physicians, specialized trainers, research groups, social workers and volunteers – provide InMotion with an experienced and diverse identity. Peruse the faces and names below, and get to know us.

Board of Directors:

Gabe Adler, Treasurer
Jerry Chalfin
Beth Curtiss, Vice President
Earl Franklin, Immediate Past President
Ann G. Freimuth
Patrick Graham
Amy Handel
Karen Hess
Dr. Karen Jaffe, Secretary
Debi Kortanek
Harvey Kotler
Joshua Mintz
Steve Owendoff
Zack Paris, President
Susie Ratner
Dr. David Riley
Ben Rossi
Lisa Salamon-Handel
Mary Schwarz
Dr. Mario Tonti
Zoe Tyler

Allan Goldberg*
Jeff Gottlieb
Lee Handel*
Laura Milgram
Glenn Southworth

*In Loving Memory


Judy Zetz Peters, Executive Director
Barb Baird, Marketing, Social Media and Communications Coordinator
Pam Deutsch, Evening Coordinator
Kari Kreft, Executive Assistant
Nancy McCann, Chief Advancement Officer
Ben Rossi, Founder, Program Director
Deborah Rossman, Operations Director