Cindy Polster – Volunteer Spotlight

When Cindy Polster brought her uncle to InMotion for a tour, she was hopeful that he would agree to participate in the center’s classes and programs to help him with his Parkinson’s disease. What she didn’t expect was that she herself would also decide that day to become a part of the InMotion community by volunteering.

“Another volunteer at the front desk shared that they were looking for more volunteers, and I decided that InMotion could be a wonderful place for my uncle and a volunteer project that I could feel really good about,” says Cindy.

On Wednesdays, Cindy joins another volunteer, Barb Schaefer, at the front desk where they greet clients, answer questions, sign clients in for classes, and register for future classes or programs.

“I love the positive spirit and the comradery of the clients, families, staff and volunteers,” she explains.

When asked how she thinks InMotion has helped her uncle, Cindy says, “InMotion has been an invaluable resource for my uncle. Before he felt like he was the only one who had this disease, but now he is part of a community. I am thrilled to be able to give back by volunteering.”

Cindy credits the instructors for nurturing an enthusiastic environment. “I see positivity. People seem to forget their troubles and their carepartners forget their troubles too. The instructors put on the best music—it’s energizing and contagious. No one leaves early!”

Cindy is a sculptor, following a career in dentistry. She and her husband are residents of Pepper Pike and the parents of three adult children. In addition to volunteering at InMotion, Cindy has served on the alumni board at Laurel School and has volunteered as a reading tutor at City of Cleveland and Breakthrough schools.

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