Laura Bennett – Volunteer Spotlight

When you arrive at InMotion on a Wednesday afternoon, you will most likely be greeted by Laura Bennett and Natalie Skall. Both have been volunteering their time at InMotion since the doors opened in March 2015.

Laura, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014, heard about InMotion at a PD Symposium that she attended with her husband shortly after her diagnosis. As both a client and a volunteer, Laura has a unique perspective of InMotion.

“I am amazed at the community of support and friendships I’ve developed here. I can speak openly about my PD and can share my own experiences with new clients as well as those who have had PD for many years,” she said. “The staff and participants here give me hope and a positive outlook.”

Laura looks at volunteering as a way to give back, as all programs and classes at InMotion are free of charge for those with PD and their caregivers.

“Everyone experiences Parkinson’s in a different way, so it’s important to know what resources are available for people and especially what InMotion can offer,” she adds.

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