About InMotion

InMotion is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping people manage their Parkinson’s disease, take charge of their well-being, and embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Exercise in a group setting can be intimidating for people living with Parkinson’s, which is why we’ve taken special care to create a comfortable environment in which to explore classes and other offerings. The sense of community and comradery that forms among InMotion clients is truly inspiring; each day we see the healing effects of the encouragement and confidence that those connections bring.

The welcoming InMotion facility – located in Beachwood – opens up to a multi-purpose room for exercise classes, doctor forums and other presentations.

The space also includes a Resource Center filled with leading research, and rooms for healing arts therapy and support group meetings.

Watch our video to learn about who we are:

History of InMotion

The organization was founded in 2014 by Dr. Karen Jaffe, a person with Parkinson’s disease and an advocate in the international PD community; Dr. David Riley, a neurologist and movement disorder specialist; Ben Rossi, an ACE fitness trainer and a qualified community exercise instructor for Parkinson’s patients and InMotion’s chief program officer; and the late Allan Goldberg and the late Lee Handel, both of whom were business leaders, philanthropists, and people with Parkinson’s disease.


Help people with Parkinson’s disease feel better every day


Improve the quality of life of everyone touched by InMotion


Treat everyone in the InMotion family—clients, care partners, staff, volunteers—with respect, kindness, and sensitivity