I would just like to say, thank you to all the staff and trainers for putting together all the videos and doing the zoom classes. I don’t know where I would be without them. They give me a chance to see all the trainers and my fellow Parkinson’s friends. I’m by myself and the classes always come right on time. Thanks again.

Ken Adams

Thank you, thank you InMotion! We are so grateful for your ZOOM classes.  You keep us healthy and safe at home.

Ralph & Zoey Tyler

My experience at InMotion was the most meaningful Parkinson experience to date in my short life trying to get the medications up to a therapeutic level.

Roy H

Exercise has been fabulous for my uncle. Physically, his experience has been wonderful as well as socially. Now he is part of a community, part of a bunch who are happy to be at InMotion together.

Cynthia P

When diagnosed with PD, I thought of the active life I would miss. However, I found that exercise was best for slowing the inevitable decline. InMotion is a great facility with great instructors and friends that encourage each other to press on in our fight against PD.

Bob T

InMotion helps me feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have a better attitude about where I am in my PD journey.

I talk about InMotion all the time. You never know who will need it one day.

Jackie L

I am a gal with early onset PD and I am blessed to be a participant at this wonderful place called InMotion. I am very grateful to all who are involved in making this place a reality, my home away from home!

Jackie, InMotion client

InMotion is a great resource for the community of Cleveland; a dream come true thanks to the generosity, determination and hard work of many community members. Great job!


Each day has a new challenge. On days I’m going to InMotion, I get out of bed excited, everyone in class is smiling and laughing, and I celebrate each small victory. The instructors told me, ‘We’re putting this cane in the corner,’ and they make me feel that I’m a person, not the disease.

Maria, InMotion client

Words aren’t enough to express how much our family appreciates InMotion. My husband and son both have PD, and the three of us look forward to attending dance class, Tai Chi, and support groups together. You give us hope and a wonderful feeling of support that we don’t get any place else.