Better Every Day

Formerly Delay the Disease ™, Better Every Day (BED)  is a fitness program that uniquely addresses Parkinson’s disease. Our community workout setting is both welcoming and supportive. Classes focus on movement, function, mobility, balance, endurance, strength, challenges and fun.

Three skill levels are designed to assist clients appropriate to their stage of disease. Care Partners are invited and encouraged to participate!

The BED fitness program can help you:

  • Move about with ease and confidence in a crowd
  • Get out of bed or rise from a chair independently
  • Improve handwriting
  • Dress independently
  • Diminish your worry that stiffness, slow steps and other symptoms are obvious
  • Regain a sense of moving with normality

Certified instructor Ben Rossi has been leading classes five years in various community locations. He is joined by a dynamic team of certified instructors.

Upcoming Classes:

Intensity level is low.  Exercises are chair based programming addressing basics of function and mobility of all joints, and learning fundamental exercises for getting out of a chair, standing up, out of a car, and walking. We will focus on BIG movements at this level. There will be no floor work.

Intensity level is mild, exercises require more effort, with minimal floor work.

BED Power L3
This advanced class is designed for you to train with purpose and push to the max. Step out of your comfort zone and test your limits. An intense mix of yoga, multi-directional movement, balance, full body strength, and endurance.


Upcoming Classes & Programs:

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Class sizes are limited, so it is important that you register in advance for classes. Registering also provides us with your contact information should we need to notify you of any changes in scheduling.

How to register:
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• Sign up in person at the front desk
• Call us at 216-342-4417
• Email us at [email protected]

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