Our Program

What We Do

Through exercise, healing arts, creative expression, and education, we strengthen the mind, body and spirit of those affected by Parkinson’s disease, as well as their care partners.  Read more here.

Client Assessments

Every six months, we ask our clients to participate in physical and quality-of-life assessments. This information ensures that they are on the appropriate path toward success and gives them an opportunity to gauge their progress. Read more here.

Parkinson’s Exercise Programs

parkinson’s exercise programs cleveland ohio

At InMotion, you’ll discover what moves you, both literally and figuratively, as we guide you through various exercise curricula geared toward invigorating your body for the journey ahead. Care partners are invited and encouraged to participate in classes as well.

Each day, we see real-life proof of what medical research has long concluded, that exercise and physical activity have a positive, measurable effect on people living with Parkinson’s. In addition to improvements in mood, coordination, mobility and cardiovascular health, physical exercise has been shown to help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Read more here.

Parkinson’s Art & Music Programs

Explore how healing arts work to strengthen your mind, movement, and energy through touch, expression and introspection.

Parkinson’s Speech & Cognition Programs

InMotion offers several programs designed to assist clients with speech and cognition. Read more here.

Parkinson’s Support Groups

Our support groups address the needs of two kinds of people: those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (clients), and those who are in some way connected to people with Parkinson’s (care partners). Read more here.