We firmly believe in a holistic approach to Parkinson’s therapy, which is why InMotion programs are designed with physical, mental and spiritual well being in mind.

art programs for Parkinson’s cleveland ohio
InMotion founder Allan Goldberg at the easel. Photo credit: Sun News

One of our most popular classes, art encompasses all three areas of healing: it’s a fine motor exercise, a creative outlet and a meditative practice all in one. In class, you will be introduced to multiple fine art media, including oil pastels, watercolors, soft pastels, and acrylics.  Participants will be encouraged to create work of their own inspiration and all will work to complete a piece by the end of each class meeting. Care partners are welcome to attend.

In our newest art class, the focus is on mask-making, though clients, along with their care partners, are encouraged to pursue other forms of collage and assemblage. Mask-making has always been used as a therapeutic tool, assisting those who want to share experiences and feelings through symbol, metaphor, and visual imagery. 

Creative expression has the unique ability to allow a person to momentarily set aside their limitations and challenges, and to focus instead on creating something of personal significance and value.

One of our founders, Allan Goldberg, is a testament to the healing power of creative expression. A prolific artist, Mr. Goldberg once said that, despite being confined to a wheelchair, oil painting made him feel as if he were moving. And it’s the healing power of that movement that has become both the foundation and mission of InMotion.

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