Better Every Day™

Better Every Day™ (BED) is InMotion’s signature exercise program designed to help you perform daily tasks, build strength and confidence, and maintain independence. Through exercises that focus on movement, function, mobility, balance, endurance and strength, you will feel better every day.

Specifically, the BED fitness program can help you:

  • Move about with ease and confidence in a crowd
  • Get out of bed or rise from a chair independently
  • Improve handwriting
  • Dress independently
  • Diminish your worry that stiffness, slow steps, and other symptoms are obvious
  • Regain a sense of moving with normality

Our community workout setting is both welcoming and supportive. Care partners are invited and encouraged to participate! BED classes are color coded by physical mobility level. Learn more about our assessment program here.

Variations of Better Every Day™:

Better Every Day™ and Boxing for Green Clients: An hour combination class of Better Every Day™ and Boxing. The BED exercises will prepare the body by moving through dynamic warm up, balance and strength exercises for a smooth transition into Boxing. The Boxing half will continue to build on improving balance, strength, reaction time, footwork, breathing, hand-eye coordination and focus through 1:1 mitt drills with the instructors. It is recommended that you bring your own boxing gloves if you have them. 

Better Every Day™ Drums Alive and Strength for Green Clients: A 60 minute class consisting of two 30 minute segments: 30 minutes of drumming on a stability ball nestled in a bucket. It uses rhythm and music to increase heart rate, challenging mental focus, cognition, coordination, balance, and endurance.  Plus it’s fun! 30 minutes of strengthening exercises improving movement, function, mobility, balance, endurance, and strength.  

Better Every Day™ Cardio and Fall Prevention for Green Clients: This 60 minute class includes principles of a BED class with a more specific focus. It consists of two 30 minute segments: 30 minutes of physical activities promoting increased heat rate and endurance. Examples include dynamic gait, functional strength with resistance, rhythmic movements to the beat of the music. Drums Alive™ programming may also be included. 30 minutes of activities to aid in fall prevention. Examples include balance training and strategies, obstacle navigation, cognitive/dual tasking, functional gait and fall strategies, and fall recovery.

Better Every Day™ and Boxing for Yellow Clients: A seated 75 minute class that incorporates our BED program focusing on movement, function, mobility, endurance, and strength. Plus, adds boxing with target bags for strength, coordination, endurance and mental focus.

Better Every Day™ and Drums Alive™ for Yellow Clients: A seated 75 minute class that incorporates our BED program focusing on movement, function, mobility, endurance, and strength. Plus, adds our Drums Alive™ program. Drums Alive™ combines the benefits of music and rhythm which helps foster mental focus, and coordination. And it’s fun!

Upcoming Classes & Programs:

Class sizes are limited, so it is important that you register in advance. Registering also provides us with your contact information should we need to notify you of any changes in scheduling. Click here for a current listing of programs/classes and to register.