Yoga & Pilates

Mindful Movement adaptive therapeutic yoga is a leading complementary therapy for those affected by Parkinson’s. Our highly specialized instruction helps members and care partners strengthen their daily living skills, encourage mindfulness and increase a sense of wellbeing. Members learn how to reenact adapted yoga movements outside of class to improve daily life skills (e.g., reaching for objects or driving a car).

Individualized instruction is taught in a positive, relaxed environment that encourages participants to reinforce weakened skills and gain new abilities they thought impossible. By uniting thought and action, our Mindful Movement yoga instruction encourages a reinvigorated spirit!

No prior experience needed. Care partners are invited and encouraged to participate.

YogaReach founder Char Grossman

Yoga Instructor Char Grossman

Char Grossman, Founder and Director of YogaReach®, is a compassionate, highly trained, nationally certified school psychologist and certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT). She has worked for more than three decades assessing, educating, and counseling children and adults with and without special needs and medical challenges. Char has trained with Delay the Disease and the Advanced Dance for PD® programs. Char is loyal to her students and is inspired to educate teachers and expand the influence of YogaReach® through National workshops she offers.


“One of the things Parkinson’s takes away is your ability to do certain motions without thinking about them – like turning around and starting and stopping walking. Mindful Movement class has given me the tools and patience to listen to my body and to be conscious of the moves I want to make. It helps me move in a conscious, balanced manner.”
— Keith, client

“I started Mindful Movements in January of 2016. I now attend two or three times a week. The results so far have been wonderful. It has helped my balance and hand tremor. The staff at InMotion makes sure that we get the most out of every class. At the end of each session, I feel so good.”
— Chuck, client


Pilates is an exercise system which increases strength, flexibility and coordination along with mental focus and the mind body connection. Pilates is a great form of exercise for people with Parkinson’s because it focuses on improving core strength, while increasing flexibility and balance. Other benefits include correct posture and alignment, as well as promoting relaxation and release of tension. Pilates links breath to movement which helps to improve movement patterns and facilitate correct muscle activation. This class will utilize various props including balls, bands and Pilates rings. Each class will include standing work, floor work and mindfulness.

Pilates Strong

Pilates Strong will include light hand weights and other tools for additional strength and conditioning. It will also incorporate Barre Ballet movements for flexibility and exercise.

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