Physical Wellness

InMotion bases its Prescription for Parkinson’s™ Physical Wellness modality on the Parkinson’s Exercise Recommendations from The Parkinson’s Foundation, with some additions. The recommendations include high-intensity exercise and physical activity with the synergy of four main categories: aerobic activity; strength training; balance, agility & multitasking; and stretching.

InMotion’s Rx for PD™ recommends two types of Physical Wellness classes to support these recommendations: Aerobic Activity and Synergy Training. Each type has separate weekly goals, for a total goal of 270 minutes per week of Physical Wellness activities.

Activity can be completed both at InMotion and offsite – everything counts!


Aerobic activity-based classes feature moderate-to-vigorous activity in a fun and intense cardiovascular training that improves coordination, cognition, voice, confidence, camaraderie, mental, and physical strength.

Weekly Goal: Up to 90 minutes of aerobic activity per week. Aerobic activity does not need to happen at InMotion – you can get your aerobic activity outside our facility as well. Example: One 60-minute Spinning class at InMotion + a 30-minute walk in the park.


These multipurpose classes feature amplitude-based activities that combine dynamic stretching, muscle preparation, PWR! Moves, lower body strength, push/pull strength, rotational strength, balance, agility, multitasking, and aerobics.

Weekly Goal: Up to 180 minutes per week. You can meet your weekly Synergy goal with InMotion classes as well as activities outside of InMotion. Example: One 60-minute BED™ class at InMotion + one 60 minute session with your Physical Therapist + one 60-minute stretching class.

InMotion Physical Wellness Classes

  • Spinning (60 minutes Aerobics)
  • Drums Alive® (60 minutes Aerobics)
  • BED™ Strength (30 min Aerobics + 30 min Synergy)
  • BED™ & Box (30 min Aerobics + 30 minutes Synergy)
  • BED™ Cardio & Falls Prevention (60 minutes Synergy)
  • Boxing (30 minutes Aerobics + 30 minutes Synergy)
  • Bike and Box (30 minutes Aerobics + 30 minutes Synergy)
  • Better Every Day™(BED) (60 minutes Synergy)