Prescription for Parkinson’s™ (Rx for PD) Recommendations

Your personalized Prescription for Parkinson’s™ recommends a variety of classes and programs from each of the four Rx for PD™ Modalities. Click the links below for more information about each modality and the classes/programs that are part of each.

You can view/download sample schedules for each color level below, so you can see what a week at InMotion might look like for you.

Once you’ve received your Better Every Day™ Assessment, you will know your color level and you can start planning your schedule and registering for classes.

Rx for PD™ Modalities

Prescription for Parkinson’s™ Exercise Recommendations

  1. Undergo physical and quality of life assessments every six months (twice per year)
  2. SAFETY FIRST – avoid overtraining, which could lead to injury and/or setbacks
  3. 270 minutes total per week of moderate-to-vigorous Physical Wellness activities (aerobics + synergy training). 90 minutes of this total should be aerobic activities.
  4. 180 minutes total per week of Healing Arts activities.
  5. 180 minutes total per week of Fit 4 You activities.
  6. Boost weekly activity with Short on Time videos, Quick Moves videos, or on-demand class videos.
  7. Stay educated about your disease through workshops and videos, and get the support you need with support groups and other resources.

Activity Trackers and Sample Schedules


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