Support and Education

Support and Education is the fourth modality of the Prescription for Parkinson’s, and these programs are available to clients of all color levels, as well as their care partners.

Support programs address the emotional and social needs of people with PD and their care partners. These programs give clients the time and space to share, connect, and build a community.

Educational programs help clients learn more about their disease and become empowered to become strong advocates for their own health and wellbeing.


InMotion hosts monthly PD Cafés, which are small, informal discussion groups designed to help clients, and care partners, connect and share with others in the same situation. They are meant to facilitate knowledge, as well as to provide support. Topics include adjusting to Parkinson’s, physical changes, nutrition, cognitive changes, sleep, emotions, and communication. PD Cafés meet twice per month. 

The InMotion Book Club is open to all clients and care partners. The group meets once per month to discuss a book chosen by the club members.

Wellness Workshops are offered monthly at InMotion, in partnership with The Gathering Place. These workshops offer a deep dive into health and wellness topics such as forgiveness, gratitude, resilience, self-care, and restful sleep.

Beyond PD 201 is an online peer-led support group intended for InMotion clients who have taken PD 101; however, all people with PD, their care partners and families are welcome. The group is facilitated by fellow InMotion clients


InMotion’s Ask the Expert education series on movement disorders will help you learn more about Parkinson’s disease, state-of-the-art PD research, and ongoing issues of concern. Presentation topics have included nutrition, stress management, care giving, deep brain stimulation (DBS), and palliative care. Ask the Expert presentations are held monthly, in-person or via Zoom.

PD 101 is a six-to-eight-week education program based on curriculum developed by the Davis Phinney Foundation.

The Medical Journal Review Club meets monthly both in-person and on Zoom, and explores articles about new treatments, research, coping strategies, and other Parkinson’s-related topics.