Speech, Cognition, & Handwriting

InMotion offers several programs designed to assist clients with speech, cognition, and handwriting.

LOUD Crowd® Participants in LOUD Crowd® utilize techniques of proven speech therapy approaches targeting, improving, or maintaining loud and clear speech within your every day life through fun, engaging activities. 

Say It Like You Mean It This class utilizes exercises to build breath support, swallowing strength and coordination, as well as utilizes strategies to improve communication in every day situations. 

Brain Builder Focusing on non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease including attention, problem solving, memory, and executive functions, participants in this class utilize strategies to improve these skills and apply them to every day tasks in a collaborative way. 

Think Loud This combination class begins with voice/speech warm ups to facilitate loud and clear speech which is then used throughout the remainder of the class during tasks targeting cognitive/thinking skills. 

Cognition, Speech, and Swallow Educational Series
This is a comprehensive, 8-week course designed to empower individuals and their loved ones by building knowledge. Dive into weekly, 1-hour sessions featuring education, collaborative strategy discussions, and hands-on skill application. This course covers cognition including memory and attention, as well as speech and swallow safety. This class runs periodically throughout the year. 

Handwriting: In this 8-week handwriting class, participants will learn exercises and therapeutic strategies to improve handwriting fluency and legibility. Handwriting problems such as decreased letter size, amplitude and width, as well as problems with force, velocity and timing will be addressed. This class is open to Blue, Orange, and Green clients; clients are expected to attend all 8 weeks of the session.

Upcoming Classes & Programs:

Class sizes are limited, so it is important that you register in advance. Registering also provides us with your contact information should we need to notify you of any changes in scheduling. Click here for a current listing of programs/classes and to register.