An Optimistic Approach

My role as the Director of Physical Wellness for InMotion has been inspired by a combination of 20 years working in the fitness industry ( the last seven of which were spent in the trenches working with the Parkinson’s community), and by my time as an Ambassador for the Michael J. Fox Foundation with the Partners in Parkinson’s movement.

The focus of my blog will be to offer you an optimistic approach to living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD.)  There was a time when PD was life threatening, but not anymore.  There are many opportunities to take back your life, get your optimism back, and truly live for today!

I look forward to inspiring you to greatness.

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Ben Rossi

Ben Rossi brings nearly 20 years of fitness teaching/coaching experience, heartfelt enthusiasm, and dedication to his role as Director of Physical Wellness for InMotion. He owns and operates ATP Evolution Performance Training Center in the space adjacent to InMotion. Rossi has created multiple exercise and measurement programs for Parkinson's Disease clients and encourages daily exercise, healthy nutrition, and a positive attitude to help clients become better every day!