The InMotion Approach™

The InMotion Approach™ is a system that begins with multi-modal, holistic, evidence-based programs for people with Parkinson’s disease offered in a group setting. We focus on outcomes, with the expectation that our clients are strong, motivated, and informed self-advocates. It includes a stigma-free and safe environment that fosters a culture of camaraderie and a supportive community that values self-advocacy and self-efficacy.

The elements of the InMotion Approach™ include:

  • Access to all programs and services for people with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners.
  • A commitment to remove as many barriers to participation as possible.
  • A program consistent with research documenting the value of physical activity in Parkinson’s disease that meets the individual mobility and cognitive needs of participants.
  • Certified instructors who are knowledgeable about Parkinson’s disease.
  • A robust volunteer program that contributes to the in-class safety of our participants.
  • An ongoing Better Every Day™ Assessment process that contributes to outcomes measurement, both individually and collectively, and determine a person with Parkinson’s disease’s Prescription for Parkinson’s™ (Rx for PD).*
  • A facility designed to welcome people of varying levels of mobility and provide accommodations for services.
  • A highly qualified professional staff that is committed to the organization’s mission.
  • Support for clients and their care partners that addresses their needs during all stages of Parkinson’s disease.

* The Prescription for Parkinson’s™ (Rx for PD) is part of the InMotion Approach, and is a comprehensive plan for intake, assessment, and class participation – individualized for each client, based on their needs, abilities, and preferences. After a client has gone through an orientation and a baseline Better Every Day™ Assessment, they are ready to create their own personalized Prescription for Parkinson’s™. Their “prescription” will include appropriate classes in physical wellness, healing arts, and Fit 4 You Intensives, as well as education and support programs as needed/desired by the client. Clients are strongly encouraged to take another Better Every Day™ Assessment every 6 months, review their current wellness outcomes with their healthcare team and InMotion coaches, and adjust their personal Rx for PD™ accordingly.