We Need You

InMotion works to strengthen the minds, bodies and spirits of our community through education and healing arts, fitness, and support services. Our holistic approach is as unique as it is effective, and we offer it all at virtually no cost thanks to funders (private donors, foundations and grants, and corporate sponsors) like you.

Those who give to InMotion know that their funds are actively making a positive impact in the lives of so many. See the big picture and support the movement today.

How Can InMotion Help You?

By supporting InMotion with your funding, you’ll actively contribute to a community of expanding support for a population that is currently underserved and often misunderstood. Today, we have the ability to touch those who visit us within our walls. Tomorrow, we seek to address related stigmas through ongoing education and replicate the InMotion model across the country. Support this movement today.

Specialized in More Ways Than One

InMotion has a team of tenured professionals who impart strategic direction, and specialized experts who offer ongoing guidance and support to develop a successful and financially sustainable organization. All the pieces are in place, and the continued support of funders like you will keep us moving.