Recent studies have shown that those with Parkinson’s disease who sing similar songs on a regular basis can increase the volume of their speaking voice and sharpen their articulation of spoken words. Here, InMotion clients focus on posture, improving circulation and strengthening their diaphragms. Song sheets are compiled based on client interests.

unposed trio music medium square“Song in My Heart”

The “Song in My Heart” vocal troupe sings together weekly at InMotion! Together, the session group chooses their favorite songs to sing over a 6- to 8-week cycle. A discussion will follow each enriching session. Whether or not you would consider yourself “a singer” does not matter. This group is open to everyone!

Take a look and have a listen to our InMotion vocal troupe’s PD Fight Song!

Drumming Circle

Explore your inner musician through our Drumming Circle! Drumming has been used for thousands of years to create and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health.

We invite you to join in and explore the benefits of rhythm through drumming. Instructor Melissa Wargo-Geesen will provide a variety of percussion instruments to explore. Can’t keep a beat? No worries! All are welcome.

LSVT Graduate Class

For those who have completed an LSVT Big and Loud Training Program, continue to practice your skills in a group setting. The program emphasizes big, repetitive motions and operatic voice exercises to help those with PD speak louder, correct their posture, and walk with agility instead of taking baby steps.

NOTE: The last LSVT class of each month will be open to everyone – not just graduates of the LSVT program.

Led by certified therapists from The Peter B. Lewis Aquatic Center.